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How to Foreceast Local SEO Trends

search-2We always give credit where credit is due. This week, we decided to feature a post from Fernando Raymond. Fernando is a local SEO consultant based out of London who is doing some awesome work and pushing out great content on a regular basis.

We were fortunate enough to collaborate with Fernando on this post.

Trying to predict trends in local SEO is like trying to predict which way the wind will blow – it’s almost impossible.

The rate at which we are moving online and conversing online is astounding and the face of local search reflects this. Let’s use that we’re tying to rank a website for “Bakeries in London”.

The first thing we need to do is examine the competition. The top search results are:

  1. Geoffrey’s bakery
  2. Linda’s bakery in Midtown
  3. Steven’s home made cookies in Overtown

Once we find the top results, we can establish a baseline for what they sites are doing and reverse engineer their tactics.

This is exactly what these websites are doing that is working so well right now:

Local Citations

If you see a website ranked in the top 7 local search results, you can bet for sure that these websites have built a ton of high quality citations in local listings. What are some examples of citations?

  • Brown Book
  • Judy’s List
  • CraigsListlocal-seo-tips
  • YouTube

Basically citations are any link that allows you to include a geo location with it. A little known fact about YouTube videos is that you can actually include geo located pis with each video you create. You do so by entering them into the advanced placements tab on your video.

Review Listings

As we move online as a society, we rely more and more on business reviews when making purchases. Some studies have gone as far to state that reviews can effect consumer behavior upwards of 80%. Getting reviews is more and more difficult, as the big names are upping their spam algorithms to beat back positive and negative review spam. Some of the most important sites you need to get reviews on are:

  • Yelp
  • FourSquare
  • Facebook
  • Google+


Links are still a very important part of your SEO game plan and are very important for local SEO as well. The types of links you want to focus on are a little different though, and you for sure want to avoid mass link spam. Local listings are very sensitive to spam, and the focus should be on quality, not quantity.

You want to look to get back links from local based websites, such as:

  • Local bloggers
  • Local business websites
  • Geo located social signals (Tweets and Facebook posts)
  • Local event listings

Getting links from quality websites like these will push up your rankings in no time.

For more information about Fernando and his local SEO services, you can visit him on the web:



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